The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) is the most prestigious Romanian higher education institution in the fields of Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration. Established by Royal Decree on 6th April 1913, at the initiative of Nicolae D. Xenopol – the Minister of Industry and Commerce – and of a group of young economists who had attended leading universities in Germany, France and England, the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies was the first economic higher education institution established in Romania.

Nowadays ASE is also known as one of the most diversely specialized universities in Europe, with eleven Faculties (Business Administration in Foreign Languages, Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, Accounting and Management Information Systems, Commerce, Economics, Agrifood and Environment Economics, Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, Management, Administration and Public Management, Marketing, International Business and Economics), 22 departments and 22,684 students, offering a unique learning experience through the highest number of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programmes in Romania in the field of economics, business and public administration.

Created to address each student’s needs, with groundbreaking research sustaining a hands-on approach on economic studies, ASE’s curriculum proposes a wide range of activities, exposing students to globally validated new economic theories, real business-oriented study programmes and direct contact with the business community through lectures, workshops, business simulations, internships, cultural and social events.