Heriot-Watt University

European Real Estate Society 19th Annual Conference 13th-16th June 2012

Abstracts and Papers


Over 300 papers will be presented and discussed by leading researchers on a broad range of topics relating to global real estate issues. Click here to view the abstracts

A number of delegates have sbmitted their papers. Click on the paper number to view.



Paper Number

Daniel Domeher and Raymond Adbulai

Land registration and access to SME credit: preliminary findings


Gary Owen Garner

The significance of financial barriers caused by holding costs in greenfield residential development


Sandy Bond and Zoltan Moricz

The impacts of the Canterbury earthquake on the commercial office market in Christchurch, NZ


Bert Kramer

CVaR optimization of real estate portfolios in an ALM context


Joseph Lipscomb and J.R. Kimball

The effect of mineral interests on land appraisals in the shale-gas regions: The case of the Barnett shale


Eeva Määttänen, Tuuli Jylhä, and Seppo Junnila

Value delivery barriers in energy services


Barry P Haynes

Adding value through corporate real estate asset management alignment


Mark Perkins and John McDonagh

New Zealand local government initiatives and incentives for sustainable design in commercial buildings


Arvydas Jadevicius, Brian Sloan, and Andrew Brown

Examination of property forecasting models - accuracy and its improvement through combination forecasting


Henna Eerikäinen and Anna-Liisa Sarasoja

Marketing green buildings - well-structured process or forgotten minor detail? Evidence from Finland


Veronika Lang and Peter Sittler

Real estate applications for smartphones: A market overview for Austria and Germany


Ingrid Nappi-Choulet and Aurélien Decamps

The impact of energy efficiency and green performance on the value of corporate real estate portfolios


Blanca Arellano and Josep Roca

Urban sprawl in megacities: Is it an unsustainable model?


Gaye Pottinger and Anca Tanton

Flooding and commercial property investment: what's the risk?


Wolfgang Breuer and Dominique Schaeling

Determining indicators of quality of life differences in European cities


Paul Ernesto Carrillo, Erik Robert de Wit, and William Larson

Can housing liquidity help forecast subsequent house price appreciation: Evidence from the US and the Netherlands


Chung Hsien Yang

The value of investment of YIMBY & NIMBY facilities on housing market


Victoria E Ormond

A review of loan terms and covenant use in the European Real Estate Sector


Ali Turel

High housing production under less regulated market conditions in Turkey


Vincent Noorman and Peter Hobbs

Benchmarking of pan-European real estate funds: Challenges and achievements


Marleen Kleijn, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Astrid Kemperman, and Hendriks Els

CREM and activities at the modern workplace: A study of the variables influencing the use of workplaces in an activity based office design


Matti Kuronen and Pekka Vaara

Purchasing clinics in public procurement and urban development


Alan W. Evans

Planning, density, and fuel use: A review


Gethin Edwards and Gaye Pottinger

Ethics in real estate practice: Education matters


Brett Robinson

How many leases are enough to diversify a portfolio of multi-let industrial properties?


Glen Bramley, Chris Leishman, and David Watkins The rise and rise of the private rented sector - Insights from supply and demand system modelling in New Zealand 353
Graham Ive and Regina Fang-Ying Lin A comparative framework for commercial and residential markets 355
Peter Åhman, Bo Söderberg, and Stig Westerdahl Property investor behaviour: qualitative analysis of a very large transaction 376